“Schoofs has support from former Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder, who now lives in the district. In an email, Yoder said he would be writing in Schoofs’ name on the primary ballot.”

Sunflower State Journal, July 24, 2022 – by Brad Cooper

A Johnson County businessman is running a write in campaign for the Kansas House. Greg Schoofs is a Republican candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives. He believes that Republican voters need a voice in his District. His campaign provides voters with a choice between voting for a Democrat or writing in a Republican candidate.

Greg Schoofs is running as a write-in candidate for the 2022 election, which means he will not be on the ballot but voters can write his name in if they want to vote for him to support improving schools, public safety, energy independence and the economy.

The Sunflower State Journal outlines Greg Schoofs campaign, history and challenges as a write-in candidate. The districts Democratic candidate, who seeks his third term, identifies Schoofs as a credible conservative threat to a previously unopposed ballot.